Worship Ministry

The worship ministry’s main role is to lead the congregation in praise and worship through the Word and song to God during the Sunday and Wednesday services. However, we also minister during other ministry events: Outdoor Evangelism, Revival Rallies, Conferences, and other Ministry events that are inline with our IRC mandate.

Our desire for each session of ministry is that the congregation would encounter the presence of God , that lives would be transformed, that healings and miracles would happen, that the people experience the glory of God and the congregation would be ignited into a relentless outburst of praise and worship unto the Lord.

We therefore totally depend on the Holy Spirit to lead each and every session.

For the Worship Ministry to effectively reach its goals, it is important for each member of the team to:

  •  Be born again
  •  Be in a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  •  Be musically inclined.
  •  Have a teachable spirit.
  •  Be willing to grow in tune and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
  •  Be accountable to each other as we build a bond of love , trust and strength.

The Worship team meets every Saturday at 14:00 for prayers, practice and share the word of God. There are also other selected days for the team to come together for prayer and fasting, training and worship conferences.

The worship team also meets early on Sundays before and after the service in the afternoon .

Our fantastic love the Lord and serve Him with all their hearts. These are people gifted in playing instruments. So far we have the accompaniment of the Piano/Keyboard, drums, guitars, bass, flute and saxophone on an occasion.

Together with the above points, it is important that as a singer , you are able to keep a key and are disciplined and responsible for your voice health and personal times of practice.

Our singers enthusiastically lead the congregation in various styles and genres of worship…very flexible!

Believers interested in joining the Worship Ministry as Singers and musicians are welcome to contact the Leadership Team.