Women Ministry

The IRC women Ministry exists to help women fulfill the Great Commission to all believers ( Mathew 28:18-20) in the specific way God has called IRC to fulfill this call.the women Ministry like all other IRC Ministries is guided by IRC core values that underpin everything we do . The expression of how these core values are lived our will look different for the women Ministry as women are unique in how they relate and impact within a family and society atmosphere for God’s purposes.

Family Life Engagements
Women have mentors and are mentoring other women, as the primary way of advancing the gospel of Jesus And His Kingdom into the Nations.the gospel is advanced in the context of communities God has placed us in. These engagements look different in different contexts. Ladies are passionate to know ,love and become like Jesus wherever they are and rely on the Truth of God’s Word to transform their lives.

Women apply what they learn about God, and His way from His Word to every situation they encounter in life , and teach those around them to do the same. In this way , their lives and of those of other ladies they interact with are transformed by the Gospel. Therefore transforming individuals, families and whole communities.

Women have a unique way of relating in their families and relational networks that present a unique opportunity to advance the gospel.

Women work through spiritual generations but also through physical generations when they have children and deliberately bring them up in the ways of the Lord. Women have away of remaining connected their biological families and become apart of their new family when they get married as well. They remain involved in family networks that need the gospel.

In most African cultures, when one became a Christian, they left their families and everything about their culture and moved to the mission to be with family of believers.

We now know that there is no better place for the light to shine than in darkness. We can bring the light of the gospel to our homes and family relations, even before we go out into the world. So women are well placed in families to share their faith in Christ and only need to be intentional.

Part of IRC women Ministry is to empower women to do ministry effectively and in turn learn how to empower others to do the same.

Monthly fellowships & Prayer Meetings.

In line with the core value, to have expectant faith and prevailing prayer rooted in the promises of God, women Ministry continuously meets for fellowship and prayer. These times are not only useful for presenting our prayer needs to God but also serves as a wonderful opportunity of sharing what God is doing in our lives. It encourages and empowers the ladies in different contexts of learning; both young and old learn from each other- and how they can bring the gospel in their respective settings.

Jesus gave us the Great Commission as believers. He promised to be with us until the end of the age. He is with us in the person of the Holy Spirit who resides in every believer. The women Ministry in order to be part of this great work, will rely on the ministry and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Seminars and Conferences

Ladies and Women in Ministry from Kenya and other nations come together to encourage one another and learn from what is happening across the nation and the world. We do have special seminars and conferences for training and equipping women for effective ministry but also in other fields of life, skills, business, community programs and service.

Guest ministers delve into specific areas of interest and themes in every seminar and conference. These events keep the work across the nation coordinated as part of IRC family. This is part of living out our value to have interdependent relationships in the Body of Christ spreading the gospel.

The Women Ministry is vibrant and passionately serves Christ through various programs in and outside the four walls of the church.