Children Ministry

The goal of the children ministry is to see children that are well balanced, growing spiritually,socially and mentally. IRC strives to set up a Children Ministry support unit and design, to support children focused programs.

We seek to accomplish these objectives by participating in child Evangelism, acquiring Sunday School resources/materials and Christian literature for children and developing an update Sunday School curriculum. The children ministers and teachers are also trained and equipped for the children ministry.

The Children Ministry network with other children ministries and stakeholders in Kenya and from overseas. We regularly hold special training for children of all ages and their teachers.

Children are trained and equipped in special sports and games. Our children ministry advocates for child friendly policies and programs to promote the welfare of children.

Children Camps/Retreats.
The Children Ministry holds quarterly children events and special camps or retreats for kids aged 3-14 years. Bring all kids! This is an all free event. Activities include:

  • Bible lessons
  • Games
  • Puppetry
  • Memory Verse
  • Watching movies
  • Song and dance
  • Making toys and dolls

Snacks , Refreshments and meals are provided for kids.