Dear Bishop James,
In June ( I think 28) of last year, you shared at our Church during the evening healing service. It was the 3rd year anniversary of the delivery of our dead son( died at 5 months pregnant). We had suffered with “unexplained infertility “ since we started trying to conceive at 25.
You said if I put my hands out , you would pray for me. You listened for the Lord and said two things: “ You should have more confidence in your singing Ministry. And you will be holding a child of your own within the year”.
My thoughts were : “how did he know I am being asked to lead worship at Churches and Do not feel gifted to do this?”. God confirmed both of your words.
Well we conceived 3 weeks Later( for the 4th time in 15 years of trying – one living son, Garith age 9, miscarriage 19 weeks, miscarriage 7 weeks and This Pregnancy!!).
All Praise be to God!
Our 9 year old ( before we knew we were having a boy said” if it is a boy , I know his name”. And he said “James”- immediately I thought of how God used you.
God continues to confirm that he used you to bring forth this miracle baby!
Our son , James Bruin Wilfong was born April 9th ,2016- was in our arms within the year you spoke His Word and Truth about his life!
We love you Bishop Andika and will forever be beyond grateful for your submission to God the Father through Christ Jesus.

Yours truly,
Snow, Andy, Garith & James.

Cincinnati,Ohio USA.
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Snow, Andy, Garith & JamesTestifier