Snow, Andy, Garith & James

Dear Bishop James, In June ( I think 28) of last year, you shared at our Church during the evening healing service. It was the 3rd year anniversary of the delivery of our dead son( died at 5 months pregnant). We had suffered with “unexplained infertility “ since we started trying to conceive at 25.… read more


Bishop Andika’s Prophecy over my life fulfilled in a most unusual manner! Sep12 I have a vast library of faith building books.  Last year as I was reorganizing the books into groups.  I fondly reviewed my signed copy of Bishop James O. Andika’s book, “The Spiritual Warfare”.  Something I had never noticed before was the actual… read more

Dr.Elaine Chan

Thank you for your prayers for my son Joel. He was given 3 job offers in spite of this financial crisis time and will be starting work at a bank on 1st December, 3 months from the prayer, just as you prophesied. He is well, is very keen to start work and feels comfortable with the job offered. I am praying that God will help him cope well and perform his best for the Lord but above all that he will grow more in the Lord and offer help to the youths. read more

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